18 August 2007 Members Training Summary

August 20, 2007

The members who were there at our yesterday afternoon Members Training, took back quite a few interesting content. Just in case you missed our yesterday session, the following topics were being covered :-

  1. Function of Xthreem Online Blog
  2. Details about the Reach Out & Win Contest
  3. Xthreem Online’s Online Presentation
  4. Essence of Marketing Plan
  5. Clicking Services
  6. Schedule for September 2007

1) Function of Xthreem Online Blog

As there are feedback that they are not receiving our email updates, we have decided to create this blog for any updates regarding Xthreem Online. Therefore it is advisable to check this site regularly so that you do now miss out any important information. Remember the URL, it’s http://www.onlinemoneyhub.com/xthreem/blog/

We will still be sending out Email Updates, therefore please ensure that our email address is in your address book to make sure that our mail will not go into your spam folder.

2) The details for the Reach out & Win Contest

As we move into the 2nd week for the contest, the Race is getting heated up. For the management to keep a proper record of the guest’s details, we would like to request ALL members to ensure that the guest’s information(Name, Email, Contact No. & Introduce By) is written clearly. We will not be able to record the points if the information is unclear.

Also note that ALL members who wants to take part in the Team Buidling Reach & Win Contest have to fill up a registration form. Please get the form from Jacky or email him at jacky@xthreemonline.com.

For the details for the Reach Out & Win Contest, Click here to dowload Power Point Slides.

3) Xthreem Online’s Online Presentation

As we move into a International platform, we are now starting to have regular Online Presentation. It will be on Every wednesday, 2100hrs(GMT +8). The next coming one will be on 23 Aug 2007. Please refer to the previous post for presentation details. Click Here. Invite your friends into this Online Presentation NOW!!!

4) Essence of Marketing Plan

Members were all giving us the “WOW” when they understand slightly more into the marketing plan. If you still do not know our marketing plan in depth, download this Power Point slides(Click here to download) and find out more from your Introducer/Team Leader.

5) Clicking Services

We will be rolling out our clicking services officially. If you would like to find out more, please email Jacky(jacky@xthreemonline.com) for more details. Please note that for the management will not be liable for any future mis-handling of your account if the service is done through a 3rd party.

6) Schedule for September 2007

Kindly look out for the schedule in this blog.

The above is the main points of the Members Training. More interesting topic will be covered on our next member training. Meanwhile, don’t forget the Reach & Win Contest. Start inviting your friends today & WIN!!!

Wish you luck in this month contest.

The Management
Xthreem Inc. Official Online Marketing Partner


Xthreem Spilled Over from Team Uplines

August 16, 2007


 I have came across many uplines promising tons of spilled over but not delivering. The last thing you should do is to over promised on the spilled over and not delivering. If you solely depend on spilled over from your upline, chances are you will never be successful in the MLM business. Treat any spilled over as bonus only. Do not solely depend on spilled over because most of the time it wont happen especially when you are at the bottom of your upline. To be successful in the Xthreem business, you must understand the business and action to make things happen.

 To your success!

MoneyTree Program by Xthreem Inc for kids Education

August 15, 2007

moneytree program


Xthreem Inc. has came up with another program that offers to provide your kids with the necessary knowledges about keeping themselves out of debt in future. Providing the tools for your kids to plan their financial future. If you’re interested, you can contact me about this program and I’ll be able to give you discounts as Xthreem Inc.’s members have special discounts for it. For more informations please visit: http://www.smartyoungster.com .

XthreemOnline Cheque payment in Singapore

August 15, 2007


When people started shouting and get dishearted with the online programs, many else got paid every month. XthreemOnline is a program you do not have to sign up early in order to earn those monthly checks.

Please Vote for Xthreem Blog!

August 15, 2007

This Xthreem Blog is listed on DTM Forum for voting as well.
You may vote it here:

Xthreem Blog Forum


Thank you for supporting XthreemBlog as always!
Together we can grow as a team and make a nice residual income here.

XthreemOnline Product Starter pack

August 14, 2007

Please see te PDF file on the Startpack information from Skillsoft.


Xthreem Splashpage

August 14, 2007

This is a sample screenshot splashpage of XthreemOnline.

Xthreem Online Splashpage

If you have not sign up and  want a similar splashpage. You may contact me here: http://www.Wealthyinvestment.com

Mobile Learning & Edutainment 2007 – Xthreem Gold Sponsor

August 14, 2007

 1st Asia Pacific Regional

 Mobile Learning & Edutainment 2007  7 – 9 August 2007
 Plaza Mutiara Hotel,

Kualu Lumpur,
 (Click on the Picture to enlarge)


 Creating Physical Presence in Asia Pacific Regional
 Click here to see the details for the Conference

Xthreem Flyer Contributed by Mr Robert Ho

August 14, 2007

Xthreem Flyer Contributed by Mr Robert Ho

How to register in the XthreemOnline Official Forum?

August 14, 2007

New Page 1

How to register in the Forum?

1) Go to


2) Register yourself with DreamTeamMoney Forum
  (Please use the same EMAIL as you register with XthreemOnline.)

3) Send an email to
stating that
  you are a XthreemOnline Member. As shown below:-

  Subject Header        :   "I’m a XthreemOnline Member"
  My Name                :
  My Registered Email: (Please make sure it’s the same as the XthreemOnline
                                     Registered Email)
  My Introducer         :

Once your account is approved, you will have access to the "Members
" Private Forum, where you can get updates, trainings information
and many more.
You can also show your friend about this forum as there will be a section
where Guests can ask their questions about XthreemOnline, but they will not
have the access to the Members Only Forum.


Our Online Marketing Partners, DreamTeamMoneyForum will be
teaching all our members on some simple internet marketing tips. They will be
teaching things like

1) Placing Banners on Signature in Forum to attract
2) Placing Signature in your email address
3) Creating a MSN or Yahoo Online Conference for members or 
     for your friends to ask any questions on XthreemOnline.

There will be more interesting topics that will be taught in the forum.
Therefore make sure that you are one of the forum member. If you are not a
member for the forum yet, Register Now!


Make sure you enjoy your stay at DTM Networking Forum.